Developer and Designer
Brief info

Michael is a very experienced designer and JS developer. His skills and taste just fit perfectly into the K Systems Universe!

Michael is a digital artist, web3.js developer and an amazing designer from Lviv, Ukraine.
He is specialized in interior, exterior design and 3D visualization. He holds a Master’s Degree in design obtained at the Lviv European University, Architectural Department.

He has considerable experience in interior and exterior design and has been collaborating with other interior\exterior designers and design studios for many years. Besides he is very interested in art, architecture and Javascript coding.

Michael takes care, among many other things, to make the K Systems LTD dApps’ interfaces as intuitive and user friendly as possible, always keeping in mind that Aerospace, AS/EN 9100 Quality Standards and ICO Setup for Startups are at the core of our business.

I get inspired by things like: Computer graphics, philosophy, psychology, hiking, yoga, painting, sculpture, poetry.

By K-Rma Tech group • Monaco