ICO Consultant
E-mail: ilya@ksystems.io
Brief info

Ilya is a fantastic ICO analyst, an in depth Crypto Company Evaluator and a great Project Consultant.

lya is critical thinking, has strong analytical skills and incredible work capacity.

He is a Bachelor of Radio Engineering. When he was a student, he was the issuing editor of a students’ newspaper. After that he worked as chief editor of the media on commercial real estate. All these years Ilya was actively interested in business processes and business organization.

Two years ago he realized that the future was respresented by the blockchain technology, dApps and decentralization.

Applying his skills, he began to advise various companies regarding the ICO organization, contributing to projects such as Cryptoteka and Coinberry.


what the ICO markets are showing is that the world has incredible demand for future-looking projects!

By K-Rma Tech group • Monaco