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Yan Everhard is a lecturer and expert in Robotics. He achieved many goals in robotics competition, his skill and expertise will be helpful in K Systems Product Development.

Teddy Mantoro is currently with USBI-Sampoerna University. He hold a PhD, an MSc and a BSc, all in Computer Science. He was awarded a PhD from Department of Computer Science, the Australian National University (ANU), Canberra, the capital city of…

Azka Alex Supriyanto

Support and Social Media Manager K Systems

Azka, is highly motivated and humble social media marketing. He is very experienced in social media influencer. Experience Manager at Marketeli, Social media and Digital marketing company Social media influencer at kubos coin Social media influencer at bitpokemon

Fiki Hafana. MSc

Director Of K Systems

Fiki Hafana, His background in education and professional was from IT Developer. Highly motivated with technology and humanity, he believe that technology can help people to better live. His business mindset also awesome, “Using technology to grow together and use…

K Systems LTD Advisor


Advisor - ISO 9001 Aerospace Quality Engineer

Mr. GUBERTI is just amazing… He masters the AS/EN 9100 Quality Management System like no other, but also deeply covers nearly all aspects of the Aerospace Security and Defense fields, including production and delivery of High Precision Space Modules for…

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Marketing and Sales Strategist

Oksana (1986) is the K Systems LTD Marketing and Sales Strategist. She has a 14 years experience in real exchange trading. She’s been responsible for direct sales and the construction of a distribution network. Several recognizable trademarks in Eastern Europe…

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Advisor - Customer Relations Manager

Monica has been working in the CR business for a long time. She has consolidated strong sales and marketing skills through her experience in business development management, opportunity and risk assessment, negotiation techniques and interpersonal relations with stakeholders and teammates. Her…

K Systems LTD Advisor


Advisor - UX Designer

After a study in Naval Architecture, Daan became a graphic designer and later spent many years as story boarder, script developer and concept developer. Thanks to his very broad experience and constructive analytic brain he can dissect products and processes…

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ICO Consultant

lya is critical thinking, has strong analytical skills and incredible work capacity. He is a Bachelor of Radio Engineering. When he was a student, he was the issuing editor of a students’ newspaper. After that he worked as chief editor…

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I want to be engaged in Node.JS application development. I am experienced in JavaScript server side development and have a big interest in continuing getting experience in that area. I used express.js and my own frameworks. I am experienced in…

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Developer and Designer

Michael is a digital artist, web3.js developer and an amazing designer from Lviv, Ukraine. He is specialized in interior, exterior design and 3D visualization. He holds a Master’s Degree in design obtained at the Lviv European University, Architectural Department. He…

K Systems LTD Social Media Manager


Community Manager

Mykola has 6 years experience in social media group administrating (, Telegram). Interested in cryptocurrency and blockckain technology since 2013. He works for K Systems LTD since April 2018. Currently studying Software Engineering at University of West Attica in Athens, Greece.…

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