Solidity Smart Contracts Programming

We set up and deploy your Solidity Smart Contracts within a few hours from your order, and you get to populate a planet with your project details in our Galaxy, the most advanced showroom available for startups today! The price? Only 12000 KSYS Tokens all inclusive!

How did we achieve that?

We used the Token Market Smart Contracts and our skills to develop an Open Zeppelin secured, state of the art, Solidity Coding Wizard. It helps up speeding up the coding and debugging of your Smart Contracts. We give you the source code so that you can easily verify it and publish it on Etherscan, but we do not stop here… You also get:

Solidity programming language
  • One Planet in the K Galaxy, the finest showroom in the Crypto Universe.
  • A subdomain @, our Corporate Domain. That means an amazing visibility in our constantly growing Community.
  • FREE 12/7 dedicated customer support service. You can have a 24/7 customer support service for as little as 7000 KSYS Tokens a month.

You will find all the required info about this service in our KSYS Shop.

The KSYS Shop will open officially during Q4, 2018.

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K Systems LTD KSYS Token
K Systems LTD KSYS Token is the core of the K Systems K-Economy Model


All of the K Systems LTD products and services are only purchasable with KSYS Tokens and KICK Coins. Our total supply will not be increased and KSYS Token holders will keep their coins as they have a real value within our ever growing K-Economy Model, and, as we all know, if “Holders HODL, the value increases”, making it interesting for everyone to adopt the KSYS Token as their Favorite Crypto Currency!



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Adam draper

By K-Rma Tech group • Monaco