At K Systems LTD we have a very long experience with Pen Testing. Our CEO has been a Security Expert since 2000, and for us, security is an essential part of our business. We brought our experience to the Crypto World and adapted our policies and techniques to the Solidity programming language.

How does it work?
K Systems LTD Security Audit for Smart Contracts
K Systems LTD Security Audit for Smart Contracts

You submit us your Solidity Smart Contracts, and we run an in-depth analysis and security risks assessment on them. The cost of this service is 4000 KSYS Tokens per contract.

We use, among many other tools, Mythril (from ConsenSys).

We are preparing a cool UI in our KSYS Shop where you will be able to upload your code and pay for the services.

The KSYS Shop will open officially during Q4, 2018.


K Systems LTD KSYS Token
K Systems LTD KSYS Token is the core of the K Systems K-Economy Model


All of the K Systems LTD products and services are only purchasable with KSYS Tokens and KICK Coins. Our total supply will not be increased and KSYS Token holders will keep their coins as they have a real value within our ever growing K-Economy Model, and, as we all know, if “Holders HODL, the value increases”, making it interesting for everyone to adopt the KSYS Token as their Favorite Crypto Currency!



To competently perform rectifying security service, two critical incident response elements are necessary: information and organization.
― Robert E. Davis

By K-Rma Tech group • Monaco